Written by: Joanna Birns – Flume Communications Manager

When you think about this amazing place we call home, what are some of the things that come to mind and bring joy to your life? A day at the park with your family? Shredding down the slopes of the Rockies? That magical camping spot that no one knows about? Earth has brought many of us countless memories that are entwined in our experiences with nature. Now more than ever, what we do in our everyday lives has a direct impact on this little blue dot we call home and conservation should be top of mind for us all. Even though we may understand the importance of preserving our Earth, tackling environmental conservation and protecting our planet seems like an impossibly daunting task. Can just one person really make a difference?

More often than not, I’ve been overwhelmed by the seemingly massive undertaking that environmental conservation entails. I want to do my part and protect the environment, but I find myself asking: how much can one person really do? At Flume, we wholeheartedly believe that every action you take, no matter how small it may seem, contributes to the protection of our planet. If you care about saving our environment but aren’t sure where to start, living a more mindful lifestyle is a great first step. Environmental mindfulness is being aware of how your every-day actions may impact our environment and taking small steps to becoming more environmentally friendly whenever possible. Below are 10 small but powerful first steps towards environmental conservation by simply improving your mindfulness:

  1. Walk instead of drive: whenever possible, walk instead of driving to decrease your greenhouse gas emissions and enjoy all the health benefits that walking provides!
  2. Try to use eco-friendly paper products: the pulp and paper industry contributes largely to deforestation. Always look for recycled paper or other alternatives.
  3. Use a reusable water bottle: decrease the amount of plastic trash you produce by switching to a reusable water bottle.
  4. Try a meatless Monday: reduce your carbon footprint by going meatless. Ease into it by having 1 meatless day a week!
  5. Unplug your electronics: try to unplug your electronics whenever possible to save energy.
  6. Set a water budget and stick to it: budgeting and understanding your water is the first step to mindfully saving water.
  7. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth: I used to forget to turn off my faucet while brushing my teeth, then I realized that little steps like this will quickly add up the amount of water you save.
  8. Shut off the lights: shutting off the lights when you leave the house is a great way to conserve energy.
  9. Switch out tea bags for loose leaf tea: save the plastic from the tea bags and enjoy a fresher cup of tea.
  10. Shop sustainably!: Take some time to research the importance of slow fashion, and check out sustainably sourced and focused brands; some of the Flume team’s favorites are: TenTree, 4Ocean, and Patagonia.

Vincent Van Goh once said: “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” Environmental conservation can be extremely intimidating, but let’s remember that together we can tackle environmental conservation, one day at a time.