Your Flume Dashboard just got more useful! Per requests from many of our customers, we’ve added your real-time flow rate data to the Flume app dashboard. Now you can see how much water is being used right now in your home, without scrolling the 24 hour detail chart to the current time.

Having this real-time water use data at your fingertips makes it easier than ever to gauge the efficiency of fixtures in your home, including sprinklers, shower heads, faucets and appliances. Additionally, if you see a continuous low-flow situation when everything should be off, you may have a leak!

So check the Flume app when water-using appliances are running, and before you go to bed at night to make sure you’re not wasting water or money!

Note that the Flume Water Sensor provides data every 30 seconds when water is running, so it might take a minute or so for real-time flow-rate data to stabilize.

Your suggestions and feedback are used every day to help make your Flume experience better. Thanks for being a part of the Flume Family!