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70% of Flume Customers Find a Leak Within 30 Days

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Flume is changing the way we interact with water

Flume helps you detect leaks, protect your home, and reduce your water bill.

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Simple Self-Installation. No Plumbing Necessary.

Just download the Flume app, connect to wifi, and fasten the sensor. No real dirty work required, but it comes with gloves just in case.

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Download the Flume App

Your phone or tablet is the only tool you will need.


Connect the Flume Bridge to Wifi

The Bridge captures data from up to 1,000 feet away. Rest assured, it will work for your property.


Place the Sensor on Your Water Meter

Once it’s securely fastened, activate it by running a stream of water. Straps included.

Showered with Compliments


My Flume device far exceeded my expectations! I can certainly see much research and development was invested into this product. It’s simple to order. Arrived quickly. No moving parts to hassle with. ‘Made easy’ installation. Easy to configure alarm settings. And just works great! Thank you for making this product available! (and a rebate to boot! Bonus!)


This device immediately helped me lower my water bill

This device was recommended by our city water provider and they gave a rebate for the cost of the unit. It is very easy to install and I immediately started receiving detailed data on my water usage. The Flume also alerts me if a faucet is dripping anywhere, inside or outside. It is one of the most useful home automation devices I have used and I highly recommend it.

Richard M

Great data collection which helps me to conserve

Just like budgeting my finances, Flume allows me to set daily, weekly and monthly budgets to control my usage. The Leak alerts tell me specifically how long my water is running, either from the inside or outside, especially when I am hand watering my lawn or performing other watering tasks outside. Flume is now a daily watchdog to help us conserve our water usage! Great tool! Thank you!


Here's How to Claim Your Rebate


Purchase your Flume System for $199


Install your Flume System

See mobile app for instructions


Apply for $100 Rebate from SoCal Water$mart

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We help customers reduce the frequency of water damage by 67%

Based on a 2023 study across 100,000 homes

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