The Perks

Catch Water Leaks and Protect Your Home

Surprises are fun, but not when it comes to leaks. Since using Flume, about 70%* of people found leaks. Flume alerts you of abnormal (or accidental) water usage to give you peace of mind whether you’re at home or away.

Stop Leaks Today
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Down-to-the-Minute Water Use Data

Flume helps you paint a picture of your household’s water use. Dig into the data—down to the one-hundredth of a gallon—and find new ways to reduce your water use.

Let's Do This

Refine Your Sprinkler Schedule

Ever wonder where your water goes? If you use a sprinkler system, most of it is probably outdoors. Flume lets you see your indoor versus outdoor consumption, view your usage history, and build a more efficient irrigation schedule. In fact, 67%* of people reported being more aware of where they used water after using Flume.

Reduce Your Use

Overflowing with Savings

A device that pays for itself. Flume automatically suggests a budget so you can cap your consumption and creates leak notifications to catch costly drips. Not to mention, 66%* of Flume customers reported a change in their water use behavior.

Start Saving

Up and Running in Minutes

Works so fast you won’t believe it. Set up and install Flume in the time it takes you to brew your Sunday pot of coffee. No pipe cutting. No wiring. No appointments. No plumbers.

Dive In

Simple Self-Installation.
No Plumbing Necessary.

Just download the Flume app, connect to wifi, and fasten the sensor. No real dirty work required, but it comes with gloves just in case.

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Download the Flume App

Your phone or tablet is the only tool you will need.


Connect the Flume Bridge to Wifi

The Bridge captures data from up to 1,000 feet away. Rest assured, it will work for your property.


Place the Sensor on Your Water Meter

Once it’s securely fastened, activate it by running a stream of water. Straps included.

Showered with Compliments

Excellent smart home monitor

This is by far one of the simplest and best home monitoring devices I’ve found. It’s super easy to install, accurate, and insightful. I found leaks from day one, and when one of the kids forgets to turn off the hose or an irrigation valve malfunctions (both of which have happened) I receive an alert instead of a huge water bill.


Already paid for itself

We have had this device installed for 3 months and it has detected multiple irrigation leaks, a bathroom faucet that didn't get turned off all the way, and a running toilet yesterday. When you live in a desert environment, water conservation is top of mind. This device is easy to install. You set your parameters based on normal usage and anytime it exceeds that amount it alerts you. Just amazing! Everyone needs one of these.


Found a leak the first month

I don't know how this thing works, but it does. After getting the thing set up, it was kind of cool to see when water was running and when it wasn't. I also know when my water softener is regenerating. But I was really impressed when I received a notification that we had a possible leak since water had been running for two hours.


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Flume is Compatible with 95% of Homes

Check Your Compatibility

See if You Qualify for a Discount on Flume!

Flume partners with water providers across the county to provide residents with discounts and rebates on Flume. Does your area qualify? Click the button below to get started.

How It Works

It's Science.
But Maybe It's a Little Magic, Too.

Flume uses patented technology to read the magnetic field directly from your water meter and detect usage down to the one-hundredth of a gallon—that’s enough to detect a dripping faucet or outdoor sprinkler.

Flume uses machine learning and a fancy algorithm to detect leaks and notify you right away.

The Flume water sensor comes with pre-installed batteries, so there’s no need to worry about a power source.

It kind of feels like we thought of everything, but we’re always working on improvements, adding new features, and upgrading capabilities.

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Be One With Your Water

The Flume app has it all. Leak notifications. Real-time water data with detailed breakdowns. Household comparisons. Automatic, but customizable consumption budgets. And dedicated support right at your fingertips (if you need it).

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