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Detailed Water Use

Flume helps you paint a complete picture of your household’s water use. Find new ways to reduce your water use with real-time GPM (gallons-per-minute) insights—down to the one-hundredth of a gallon.

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Fixture-Specific Water Data

Outdoor irrigation wastes more water than we realize. Flume Insight lets you see your indoor versus outdoor consumption, view your usage history, and build a more efficient irrigation schedule. Data for more household water fixtures like your sink, your shower, and more coming soon.

Cut Your Consumption

Custom Budgets and Leak Alerts

Take complete control of your water usage by capping your consumption. Set custom weekly or daily water use budgets to accommodate irrigation schedules, pool fillings, and manage which activities (or kids!) are using the most water. Catch costly drips with custom leak notifications for peace of mind whether you’re at home or away.

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In-App Support & Leak Assistance

Our dedicated support team is available to chat 7 days a week to help you navigate dubious drips and lingering leaks.

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Save on Select Professional Services Powered by Angi™

Secure savings from the start. Flume Insight members are eligible to save up to 15% on home repair services like faucet, fixture, or appliance repair.

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Feature Comparison

Flume Insight
Basic Water Usage Data
Access to the last 24 hours of water usage data along with monthly historical usage.
Monthly Water Budgets
Set water usage budgets to cap your consumption on a monthly basis.
Flume Smart Leak Alerts
Get alerted about abnormal (or accidental) water usage via push or email.
Current Water Status
Find out if your water is running (and it shouldn’t be) at any moment.
Emergency Contacts
Automatically notify your friends, family or neighbors about leaks while you’re away.
Syncs with Alexa, Google Home, or Orbit Integration. *Flume Insight also includes Personal API access
Detailed Water Usage Data
Access to detailed, down-to-the-minute water use data—to the one-hundredth of a gallon.
Daily & Weekly Budgets
Take complete control of your water usage with daily or weekly budgets to cap consumption.
Custom Leak Alerts
Set custom leak alert rules for your home and get notified via push notification and/or email.
Indoor vs Outdoor Usage
View indoor and outdoor water consumption and usage history to pinpoint water-hogging appliances and reduce your use.
Real-time GPM (Gallons-Per-Minute)
Check out your flow rate and see exactly how much water your home is using at any moment.
Shared Access
Give your friends, family, gardeners, or plumbers access to Flume’s water insights.
Dedicated Support*
On-demand access via chat to help turn pricey plumber calls into DIY jobs. *Both offers include dedicated support during installation
15% Discount on Professional Services Powered by Angi™
Receive 15% off select professional services like sink, faucet or appliance repair.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing for Flume Insight work?

Flume Insight is billed annually at $49/year. Your subscription will automatically renew 12 months after your subscription start date, unless canceled prior to renewal.

What are the requirements for Flume Insight?

In order to use Flume Insight you must have a Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor, a smart phone, a compatible water meter, and a WiFi connection. To check your meter compatibility, please refer to this article or email a picture of your water meter to Flume Insight is not available for Flume 1 devices and will require an upgrade to Flume 2 for eligibility. Please contact to find out more about upgrading your Flume 1 to Flume 2.

How do I access Flume Insight?

After setting up your Flume account you will have immediate access to all available features both in the app and online. 

To activate Flume Insight: Please sign up for Flume using the same email you used to purchase your Flume Insight membership. If these emails match, your Flume Insight will automatically be activated once you finish installing your Flume. If you use a different email to create your Flume account, you will need to enter the registration code emailed to you once you install your Flume.

How do I cancel my Flume Insight subscription?

You may cancel your Flume Insight subscription anytime. If you purchased Flume Insight at, please go to “settings” at to cancel your subscription. If you purchased Flume Insight through your Flume app, please go to “settings” in your app to cancel your subscription. After unsubscribing from Flume Insight, you will still have access to all Flume Insight features up until your 12 month renewal mark. After your renewal date has passed you will lose access to all Flume Insight features and will need to re-subscribe to gain access again. Flume basic features such as leak detection, monthly budgets and more will still be available for use. 

Do you offer a monthly subscription plan for Flume Insight?

Currently,  Flume Insight is only offered on an annual basis.

What if I have multiple Flume devices?

You can use your Flume Insight membership on all of your locations, as long as they are associated with one account. 

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Flume is helping people catch costly leaks, cap their water use, and save money on their water bills. But don’t take our word for it.

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