Independent lab tests confirm 99% accuracy.

As soon as our customers install their Flume Systems, they often ask us “How accurate is my Flume?” The answer: very accurate.

The Flume System was recently tested by the Utah Water Research Laboratory at Utah State University. The University tested three Flume devices on three different meters at four different flow rates.

Across all tests, they found that the Flume system was 99.29% accurate. In other words, if you use 1000 gallons of water in your home, your Flume device will be accurate to within about a 10 gallon range.  See the certificate below for details.

So, you might ask “Why is Flume so accurate?”  Flume is one of only a few sensors that measures water use across your entire property right at the meter. When water flows through your water meter, a magnetic disc spins inside of the meter. The rate at which this disc spins correlates directly to a water flow rate. The Flume Sensor senses this magnetic field and converts it into a very accurate flow rate in line with what your meter is measuring. This is important for comparing use reported from Flume to that of your water bill.