It's Fix-A-Leak-Week!

It’s Fix-A-Leak-Week, and Flume is on a mission to help catch water leaks big and small! Often, we only think of combating the big leaks… but what about the small drips that add up? These common drips often come from leaky toilet flappers, leaky faucets, leaky showers, and even leaky sprinkler heads. They are often easy to fix, once located, and can help save homeowners up to 10% on their water bills. 

Flume is here to help you locate those pesky leaks during Fix-A-Leak-Week and beyond.

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Safeguard your home with Flume Water during Fix-A-Leak Week! Track 24/7 water use, get instant alerts, and prevent costly surprises effortlessly.

Flume’s Smart Home Water Monitor straps around your water meter and lets you know exactly how much water you’re using – down to the drop. After a quick, 10-minute DIY installation, Flume begins monitoring your water usage and protecting your home from costly leaks 24/7. 

Manage, monitor, and conserve the world’s most precious resource one drip at a time!

  • No plumber needed!
  • Detect leaks and get notified immediately.
  • Monitor and manage your water use—indoors and out.
  • Break down your water use by individual household appliances and water fixtures.
  • Save money and conserve water with custom budgets and leak alerts.

Find & Fix those leaks this Fix-A-Leak-Week!

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Check Your Leaks: It's Fix-A-Leak Week!

Want to take action now? Take the 10 minute home challenge and check for leaks in your home. Did you know that tiny dripping leaks can lead up to thousands of gallons of wasted water every year? 

Here’s a few facts:

  • A shower dripping at 10 drips per minute wastes more than 500 gallons per year 
  • A faucet leaking at a rate of just 1 drip per second, can amount to more than 3,000 gallons per year

Don’t let these tiny drips wreak havoc on your home AND your wallet, instead install Flume Smart Home Water Monitor and catch those drips, drops, and potential floods. 

70% of Flume users have caught a leak within a month of installing in their home!

Want to commit to fix leaks beyond Fix-A-Leak-Week 2024? Take the “I’m for Water” pledge and complete the 2024 WaterSense Resolutions checklist.

Why Track Water Usage Beyond Fix-A-Leak-Week?

You can’t fix what you can’t find! Flume is committed to not only helping homeowners find and fix leaks, but also help them track their water usage. 

Why is it important to track water usage?

  • Understand Usage Patterns – Gain insights into how water is being used. By monitoring patterns over time, you can identify trends where water is being used inefficiently. 
  • Identifying Inefficiencies – Wonder why your water bill keeps creeping up? Maybe that old dishwasher is using more water than necessary or someone is lounging in the shower a little too long.
  • Saving Money and Preserving Resources: Being mindful of water usage helps you take steps to reduce use and lower your water bill. Not only does it benefit your wallet, but it also helps to preserve nature’s precious resource.

At Flume, we’re committed to helping homeowners not only find and fix leaks but also track their water usage more effectively. By empowering homeowners they can find and fix leaks!

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