How awesome is it that you can finally see your water usage in real time instead of waiting for your water bill? That’s the power of Flume. Now let’s help you conserve water and save money by implementing these five easy household tips:

1. Shorten Your Shower (Just a Little!)
Yeah, we get it. It’s feels great to soak in a hot shower. Go for it—just consider getting out a little sooner. The average shower flow rate is 2.1 gallons per minute. At that rate, if three people in a household where to shave just two minutes off their daily showers, the monthly savings would be 378 gallons!

2. Water More Deeply vs. More Frequently
The heat is on, which means the irrigation system is on, too. Did you know that if you water your plants less often but for a longer amount of time, you can save water, encourage deep rooting and retain more soil moisture? Try it out. Your plants—and your pocketbook—will thank you.

3. Turn Off That Tap
We’ve all done it. We’re brushing our teeth, shaving or doing the dishes, and the tap is running the whole time. It’s just a lazy (if common) habit that is easily remedied by turning on the tap only when you need to rinse. Boom, done.

4. Use The Flume® App
With the Flume App, you can see exactly how much water you’re using down to the minute! Check the app before and after a shower, a load of laundry or washing off the porch—it’s quite revealing. Use this information as inspiration to become more water smart around the house.

5. Set Budgets

Just like setting a budget for finances, setting a budget for water helps you reduce and better manage your use to save money. Take the Flume App to the next level with budgets and you can easily track your progress vs. your goals. Click here to learn more! (html to budget blog entry)