Guide: Setting up Your Flume to Maximize Your Water Leak Protection

With over 14,000 people in the US experiencing a water damage-related emergency each day, the importance of catching and repairing leaks quickly can’t be understated. Flume wants to help you keep your home safe from water damage by providing customizable Usage Alerts to notify you of extensive running water. By maximizing Flume’s Usage Alerts, you … Continued

Stop Frozen Water Pipe Bursts in Their Tracks: Tips on Prevention + How Flume Can Protect Your Home

Recent extreme weather has put millions of homes across the US at risk of severe flooding caused by burst pipes. As temperatures drop to extremes, water in the pipes begin to freeze and expand. This increase in pressure can cause the pipe to burst, resulting in flooded basements, collapsed ceilings and walls, and thousands of … Continued

See Your Water Use in Real-time

Your Flume Dashboard just got more useful! Per requests from many of our customers, we’ve added your real-time flow rate data to the Flume app dashboard. Now you can see how much water is being used right now in your home, without scrolling the 24 hour detail chart to the current time.

Measure Water Your Way

By popular request, the Flume app has been updated to support viewing your water use in various units. We’ve added an option in the menu for Measurement Units, where you can select to view your data in cubic feet, cubic meters, liters, or gallons.

How accurate is Flume? Very.

Independent lab tests confirm 99% accuracy. As soon as our customers install their Flume Systems, they often ask us “How accurate is my Flume?” The answer: very accurate. The Flume System was recently tested by the Utah Water Research Laboratory at Utah State University. The University tested three Flume devices on three different meters at … Continued

Relax Worry-Free with Flume Emergency Contacts

Go ahead, take a vacation from worrying about damaging water leaks. We’ve added Emergency Contacts to the Flume app to help make sure your property is protected even when you’re not home. When Away Mode is active, Flume will forward text or email alerts to friends or neighbors who can check your home and shut … Continued

Your ‘similar households comparison’ just got better

Did you know that you can compare your water usage with others in the Flume app? This feature has been around for a while, and it just got smarter. We’ve updated the ‘Similar Households Comparison’ function on our app to better reflect how your property compares with that of like properties.

Now Featuring Advanced Leak Detection

Your Flume water sensor just got smarter about recognizing potentially damaging and costly leaks. We’ve analyzed tens of thousands of data points for residential irrigation cycles and used machine learning to build a model that eliminates the most common source of false-positive leak warnings.

Flume – Shared Access

With Shared Access, you can easily share your Flume leak alerts or water use with anyone you choose, helping to avoid water leaks and waste.

Alexa, meet Flume

Alexa fans– Alexa can now talk to your Flume! You can now ask Alexa things like “Is my water running?” or “How much water did I use today?” Know your water status or gain insights on your water use without lifting a finger. With Alexa and Flume, you’ll have added peace of mind with or … Continued

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