Alexa, meet Flume

Alexa fans– Alexa can now talk to your Flume! You can now ask Alexa things like “Is my water running?” or “How much water did I use today?” Know your water status or gain insights on your water use without lifting a finger. With Alexa and Flume, you’ll have added peace of mind with or … Continued

Your Detailed Water Usage

See your hourly, daily, weekly, monthly water usage here If you would like to see a detailed view of your water usage, click the hamburger menu icon as shown below:

The Flume Dashboard

Visit the dashboard to see a quick overview of your water usage When you first login to the Flume app, you will be taken to your dashboard. It looks like this:

Five Easy Tips For Saving Water (And Money) Right Now

How awesome is it that you can finally see your water usage in real time instead of waiting for your water bill? That’s the power of Flume. Now let’s help you conserve water and save money by implementing these five easy household tips:

Set Your Household Water Budget

You may have stared at the Create New Budget option in the Flume app and thought, “Sounds complicated,” or “Looks like a lot of work”… But we’re here to tell you that it’s simple and easy, and that it’s a great way to conserve water and save money. So let’s get started.

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